At the end of winter and before spring breaks through, vegetable season is at its lowest point. But, some vegetables are also there in difficult times and one of those heroes is celeriac!

What is it? Celeriac or celery root is a variety of celery that has an edible stem and shoots. It belongs to the same botanical family as carrots and parsley. Celeriac originates from the Mediterranean region, but is cultivated all over the world.

What does it taste like? Celeriac is  -in contradiction with what the name suggests- not yac, but a very yummy vegetable 😋 The fresher the root, the more intense the flavour. The root has a crunchy texture and tastes like the mild nutty version of common celery stalks. Celeriac stems are edible too! #nofoodwaste. The stems taste like common celery stalks and are perfect to garnish dishes.


Healthy? 💪 Celeriac is low in calories and has a good amount of fibres. It contains vitamin K, an important component in blood coagulation* and bone metabolism. Furthermore, celeriac contains minerals like amongst others phosphorus, that supports the skeleton and is a necessary component of our energy metabolism. Cooking affects celeriac’s nutritional composition. Nutritional values are the highest for the raw vegetable.

Preservation. Celeriac can be kept up to 6 months in a cold (0-5 °C) , humid and dark environment. You can do this by storing celeriac in a bucket covered with wet soil. Keep the bucket in your basement. In the fridge? Yes. Keep celeriac up to a couple of weeks in a bag in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. The bag will prevent the vegetables from drying out. Celeriac easily turns brown after cutting 🔪 Adding lemon or vinegar to freshly cut celeriac prevents browning 🍋 Celeriac can be frozen after blanching and stored in the freezer for up to 1 month ❄️ Want to prolong celeriac’s shelf life but you’ve a full freezer? Pickling or fermenting are tasty alternatives 🏺

What to do with it? 👩🏻‍🍳 Celeriac is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten either raw or cooked. Cook with celeriac like with potatoes or carrots. Oven roasted or on the BBQ, stewed, blanched, steamed, mashed or in soup. 

Recipe inspiration 💡
Whole roasted celeriac  brings out the sweetness of the vegetable and transforms the texture from crunchy to creamy. It’s not much fuss to prepare and makes a great meal for many, combined with side-dishes & sauces. The creamy texture of roasted celeriac is an upgrade for your daily sandwich 🆙 🥪 (photo).
– Make celeriac steaks in your next winter BBQ 🔥
– Already thought about vegan schnitsel made from celeriac?
Rösti from celeriac with a green salsa from the leaves 💃 #nofoodwaste
Fermented celeriac with apple & mustard seeds🦠
– The winter salad from Content’s kitchen at Hal5 is a delicious waldorf celeriac remoulade 🥗

This is a blog post of the serie SEASONS. Bringing out the best of the season in cooperation with Content Leuven.

*People with blood thinning medication or oral anticonceptives should be careful with an excess amount of vitam K containing vegetables, as vitamin K affects coagulation factors in the blood.

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